An Evening With Alan McGee + DJ Set (General Admission) 28/2/2020


McGee was born in East Kilbride on 29 September 1960.[1] He grew up in Glasgow and attended King’s Park Secondary School, where he met future Primal Scream founder Bobby Gillespie. McGee left school at 16 with one O Grade. McGee and Gillespie were heavily into punk rock, and they joined a local punk band, The Drains, in 1978. The band’s guitarist was Andrew Innes.
After the breakup of The Drains, McGee and Innes moved to London and formed the band The Laughing Apple with Mark Jardim, a drummer from Croydon. They recorded three singles in 1981 and 1982, two of which were released on Autonomy, and the third was put out on their own Essential record label. In 1983, quitting his job at British Rail, he co-founded Creation Records (named after cult 1960s band The Creation) with Dick Green and Joe Foster.
McGee said that his intention with Creation “was to merge psychedelia with punk rock”. He also formed the band Biff Bang Pow! (named after The Creation’s song), which would continue until 1991, and began running a club night called “The Living Room” at The Adams Arms in Central London. He also began managing then-unknown The Jesus and Mary Chain, whose first single was issued on McGee’s label in November 1984.

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